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The Road to 23: The Source Solutions Celebrating Growth and Innovation

As April dawns, it not only brings the crisp air of the South African winter but also marks a significant milestone for The Source Solutions – our 23rd anniversary.

A road with road markings that read "23" with a pair of sneakers peeking in at the bottom of the photo, signifying The Source Solutions celebrating 23 years

From the seeds of ambition planted in our infancy, we have blossomed into a leading force in the event solutions and pharmaceutical marketing sectors. This year, we have another reason to celebrate: our agency is now an Associate Member of the Marketing Code Authority, a testament to our credibility and expertise in pharmaceutical marketing regulations.


A Journey of Growth and Innovation for The Source Solutions

Over the past 23 years, The Source Solutions has navigated the evolving landscapes of event management and marketing with agility and foresight. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful vision: to transform ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. This vision has been the cornerstone of our approach, driving us to innovate, adapt, and excel.


Our growth over the years has been marked by numerous milestones. From pioneering immersive event technologies to expanding our service offerings and evolving into our new immersive multi-channel marketing brand, each step forward has been guided by our commitment to excellence and ethical practice.

In a significant affirmation of our dedication to the highest standards, The Source Solutions has been recognised as an MCA accredited associate member. This accreditation is more than just a credential; it is a beacon of trust and quality in the complex realm of pharmaceutical marketing.

Marketing Code Authority logo

The MCA (Marketing Code Authority) plays a crucial role in ensuring ethical marketing practices within the pharmaceutical industry. Being an associate member means we have demonstrated a profound commitment to understanding and adhering to the stringent regulations that govern pharmaceutical marketing. It reassures our clients that their projects are not only innovative but also compliant with the highest ethical standards.


Looking Forward

As we celebrate our past, we are also eagerly looking towards the future. Our journey thus far has prepared us to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


We are excited about the future projects on our horizon and remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in event solutions and immersive multi-channel marketing. Our goal is to continue to grow, innovate, and lead by example, always with our clients' success at the forefront of our efforts.


We invite you to explore our new website and discover how The Source Solutions can bring unparalleled expertise and innovation to your next event or marketing project. Here's to celebrating the past, embracing the present, and anticipating the future together. 



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