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Incentives & Teambuilding


Incentive programmes motivate and reward the performance of your business’ greatest asset – your people.


Teambuilding programmes support these incentives, creating the bonds that transform a group of individual staff members into a cohesive team that meets your business objectives.


The Source, with access to a range of tools, technology, resources and specialists, designs programmes that boost employee performance and promote a positive work environment.


Our comprehensive incentive offering and team building programmes can be tailored to suit your unique business environment, goals and budget.

Benefits of incentives & teambuilding from The Source

  • Boost employee performance & productivity

  • Enhance employee skills, confidence & morale

  • Retain top talent

  • Improve business performance

Our incentives & teambuilding services

The Source is equipped to manage each element of your incentive or teambuilding programme for optimal results. Services include:

  • Venue selection & management

  • Catering & décor

  • Planning & management

  • Corporate gifts, clothing & apparel

  • Travel, accommodation & logistics

  • All audio-visual, IT & logistics requirements

  • Graphic design, photography & video production

  • Budgeting & financial reporting

Custom made head bands and buffs for a team building event - events management and corporate branding collateral

Find out how we can design staff incentive and teambuilding programmes that boost sales, loyalty & team performance.

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